Introducing you my private 8 weeks quantum evolution sessions package

We are living unprecedented times in our current history, where we are witnessing a tremendous expansion of our consciousness and truly experience alignment with our Source essence, our Soul’s unique blueprint, living in harmony, abundance, love, peace and in service to our individual and collective evolution.

How and why is this happening? 

This is basically a frequency shift from the 3rd to the 4th, 5th and 6th density reality and it is a normal cycle that Earth and the Solar system is undergoing every approximately 250 million of years while in its traveling of orbiting the Central Sun of our Galaxy. This cycle is called The Galactic Year. In this cycle Earth and the entire Solar Systems travels through various cosmic energies that directly influences and expands our awareness and consciousness. 

Right now, we are at the highest peak on this cycle and the cosmic energies that we are traveling towards and the ones sent from the Central Sun of the Galaxy towards Earth are at its highest, activating our next evolutionary step. This is an evolutionary process that influences every human being, however, we all find ourselves at different paces on this journey. 

For our mind’s this process is hard to grasp, but you can feel it and also see it unfolding if you are sensitive enough to energy. 

What does this process actually looks like on a human level?

In these times, there are many aspects of ourselves that get either upgraded to a new perspective and understanding or simply released from our energetic field if they are in detrimental to our evolution and keep us disbalanced and in repetitive cycles.

We call this process the awakening or the ascension process and as we proceed more in "time", our DNA will completely change from the inside out activating new dormant strings, allowing us to align with the collective and universal mind and integrate efficiently the incoming cosmic energies and codes of evolution.

How do I support you on this journey?

I am here to support and guide you if you feel the calling to take the best out of these amazing times and simply access new evolutionary codes and embody them, understanding the laws of the universe and activating your human mission and desires here on Earth. 

My methods are my presence, my channeling and energetic gifts + practices and technologies that I developed during years of experience, uniquely designed to fit your own unique Soul blueprint.

What are the key steps to navigate this evolution process?

Upon years of working with people and with myself, I discovered 4 fundamental steps that are at the core of our transformation and evolution process. These are:

  1. Awareness of where you are on your evolutionary journey and what are the next steps ahead of you. 
  2. Multidimensional integration of your Soul, your memory and past lessons, releasing outdated programing. 
  3. Rewiring of your subconscious mind and activating your guidance system and Source within you.
  4. Calibrating with the timeline of your soul's desire, your dreamlife and mission of service here on Earth.

These steps also define the structure of our journey together, while having lots of room for flexibility and intuitive flow. 

What's the structure of this journey?

  • The journey is primarily made of 8 video call sessions, 1 every week, with a slight flexibility, adapting to your own pace and integration process.
  • The sessions are intuitive, depending on where you find yourself in the cycles that I mentioned above.
  • In the sessions you can experience and receive deep awakenings, channeling, activations, remembering, integration, rewiring, Q&A's, guided meditations, various powerful tools of alignment and exercises of integration, transformation and embodiment that work specifically for you and your current situation and evolution.
  • After every session there is chat support available for the days ahead, if required for integration.
  • Sessions with me are held in a high energetic and authentic container, with full dedication, unconditional love and respect for your sovereignty and evolution! You will feel seen, completely free, held and safe to express whatever you feel to express!

Here are the experiences that people have after these sessions with me: 

  • Activation, alignment and embodiment of Source consciousness.
  • Clarity and guidance from higher consciousness (spirit guides).
  • Shadow and Ancestral lineage integration and clearing.
  • End of unconscious karmic cycles and patterns.
  • Multidimensional healing and integration all the way to the cellular level.
  • Harmonization and balance of the masculine and feminine archetypal energies.
  • New DNA strings activations and reprograming.
  • Past life timelines remembrance and integration.
  • Starseed lineage activation (cosmic origins remembrance).
  • 4th and 5th dimension consciousness activation and calibration.
  • Extrasensory perceptions activation.
  • Earth mission and Soul’s unique purpose remembrance.

You will receive as much as you are ready and what you are ready for!

Hi, I’m Alex Buta

My life journey so far brought me deep awakenings of my essence, ever since I was 14, I felt for the first time connection with something much greater than what I believed I was. I felt connection with the entire creation, with the intelligence of Source that flows through every shape and form of life, physical and non-physical.

In time, I went to deep transformational processes that helped me maintain and cultivate the connection with Source better and better.

I shed layers of old identity and conditioning, I healed my childhood wounds and integrated life lessons, rewiring my mind in order to experience new versions of myself and create my own reality based on how I wanted to feel and what I am eager to experience.

Now I am living my dream life and greatest joy, which is to guide others who are on a similar path!

What people say after sessions with me

Sven from Germany - Founder at Mensch sein


Anna from Russia - Former manager Gazprom


Greg from USA - Co-dependency coach


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this journey for and who is this journey NOT for!

The Rising Human journey is for people who have the inner knowing that they came here to evolve and live their life of their dreams, assisting others as well to do the same. Leaders, coaches, teachers, game changers and simply people who are ready to embody what they really are and shift this world from the inside out.

It is NOT a match for people who are highly skeptical and don't find value in investing in themselves and in their own evolution.

What if I cannot decide to be part of this journey?

If you are unsure, you can contact me directly on Facebook or Instagram and we can schedule a FREE 15 min exploration call and see if it is a fit for you.

How do I schedule the first session?

Upon purchasing, you'll receive further instructions on how to schedule a time for your first session.

Can I purchase this more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of it more than once, you can simply purchase it again, although I don't believe you will need it! :)