The times that we are navigating right now are unprecedented and pivotal in the evolution of our civilization and planet.

We are transitioning from a primordial-survival based world, into a unity-abunance based, thriving world.

In other words, we are transitioning from a 3rd dimension consciousness into a 4th and 5th dimension consciousness, becoming deliberate creators of our reality, living in clarity and truly connected with our core essence as beings, with the universal and planetary laws of existence, with the life force and intelligence of our bodies and with our unique soul blueprint and purpose on this planet, more than ever before in our recent history!

These are incredible times in our history and the pace with which this transition happens is extremely fast!

Many of us knew about these times before we even incarnated in our physical bodies. especially if we feel that we are here to assist and create real change in these times.

Is this you? Then there's no wonder that you are on this page! Welcome!

The layers of the 5D human body

The human body has 5 layers that makes us who we are.

These 5 layers of the body are different expressions of consciousness and filters of perception of ourselves and the world around us.

When these layers are integrated, balanced, harmonized and upgraded for the current evolution, the 5D Body would be activated and we would be ready to permanently experience the 5D consciousness.

My mission here is to help you do this!

But first, let's see what these layers look like:

The Conscious Layer

This is the layer of you which is directly connected with your oversoul and with Source. This is your soul, your Higher Self or your light body. It is also connected with the inner child in you and your purity! It can go beyond time and space between dimensions and it always maintains awareness of what you are in all of your multidimensional nature. It is the body that sends you intuitive impulses and guides your way in the most efficient way. It knows what your next evolutionary step is and how to achieve it in the fastest way possible. This is also the level of awareness where extra-sensory perceptions like, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, dreams, imagination, and communication with other beings from other realms is possible. The more you become aware and integrate this aspect of you, the more you will live your life joyfully and with higher clarity, making you expand in the fastest way possible.

The Subconscious Layer

This is the unconscious part of you and it is made from two parts. The part that is unknown or that you are simply not aware of yet, your potential, your next activated strings of your DNA, your unique soul blueprint and gifts that are embedded in you and you are yet to discover. The other part is the default programing that gives you an identity in this human lifetime. This part is usually defined by the patterns, believes, shadows and dual perceptions, traumas and programs that might be there, dictating your life on autopilot. Almost all of us, were programmed by default, without our consent by our societies, culture, people around us and environments. If we want a better life and gain control over ourselves back, it is our responsibility to rewire our subconscious. The subconscious can serve you having a smooth human journey and nice life if you become aware of your patterns and rewire them with those that uplift and benefit you highly, or it can make you feel unworthy or that life is hard and unpleasant (based on your programing) if you are not aware of your own patterns and mechanisms of functioning.

The Mental Layer

The mental layer is the rational part of you and where thoughts are created. It influences directly your emotions and feelings. It is also the part that gives you structure, will power and choice. You can also call it the masculine part in you. It is mostly defined by awareness based on experience and knowledge. It’s purpose is to help you navigate the physical realm in a very clear and organized way, securing your basic physical needs and giving you a straight direction. However, if it is unbalanced and the awareness of the other layers is not developed, it can make your life feel very rigid, linear and serious.

The Emotional Layer

The emotional layer is the aspect of you where feelings and emotions reside and are created. You can also call it the feminine part in you. The emotional body is responsible for the way we feel. It influences directly our frequency and vibration, what we attract in life and how are we able to enjoy life, to feel pleasure, to appreciate beauty, to engage, exchange and interact with it from a place of compassion and wisdom of the physical creation. It helps us navigate our physical experience based on what feels good and what doesn’t. If it is unbalanced and awareness of the other layers is not developed, it can make us feel overwhelmed, confused and dramatic. 

The Physical Layer 

And finally, the phyisical body which is Is the denser part of you, the matter, the vessel that is interconnected with all other 4 layers and allows the human experience to happen. The body has its own intelligence and it is made by the conscious body, by the Higher Self you. For example, the heartbeat, the breath, the entire activity of the organs and the cells, all happen by default. It also adapts and transforms, but of course slowly, because it is denser than all other 4 layers. The body goes through transformations and adaptations based on the climate and the environment where it leaves in and also very important, based on your conscious intention and desire. You are able to influence the body processes and to improve, heal and transform your entire body to serve your evolution in whatever way you feel inspired too. Right now, our bodies, collectively speaking are undergoing major changes. While we transit from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions the body will change a lot as well. It will change its shape and composition form a carbon based to a crystalline-syllicon based cellular structure. The 5D body will become more lighter, and it will require higher frequency foods and treatments that will help transition smoother and faster.

I am here to guide you on this journey!

On my life journey I've been through integrating and harmonizing these layers of my body myself, allowing this beautiful Fifth Dimension to express through my vessel as much as possible.

"The 5D Body" is a mentorship program designed to help leaders, teachers, coaches, wayshowers of the New Earth and everyone who feels ready to activate and integrate their 5D body and consciousness.

I designed this program with higher guidance from the 7D Arcturian Council. As a reference, Arcturians are the ones who participated in engineering the homo sapiens body, which is the vessel that we use here on Earth for thousands of years to navigate our human lives in.

How does the mentoring program looks like?

The entire program takes 5 weeks and you have two options to pick from: Private or Group Mentoring.

  • The Private Mentoring is just me and you, and it is highly recommended if you want a more direct, in-depth and confidential approach. This option requires a higher investment than the Group option and we can start at any time.
  • The Group mentoring is in a container of 8 participants, in an interactive workshop environment, which can be highly beneficial because of the reflections and inspirations that you can receive and share with other participants as well. This option would start on the 14th of November. The time is still to be announced depending on the participants time zones.

Both options can be as equally powerful for you, it just depends on what you want and how you want it.

For both options, application and Clarity call is required to see if the program is a match for you. You will receive all the information necessary in the Clarity call.

What's generally happening in the program?

Simple put, in both Private and Group programs, there's an evaluation of how ready your body layers are for the 5D consciousness, then we do the integration, the balancing and rewiring work necessary in video call sessions so that you can calibrate easily to the 5D Consciousness.

You would receive all the activations, technologies, tools and support based on what your evolution requires right now!

If you feel ready, I am delighted to get to know you and do this work with you!

What are the benefits of activating your 5D body and living in the 5th dimension consciousness?

Well there are plenty and I am going to name the most important ones:

It allows you to completely understand yourself and navigate these times having the feeling of clarity, inner peace, wholeness, purpose, precision and integrity of who you are and why you are here on the planet for.

It allows you to be a clear and pure vessel of Source, be in touch with your over soul and galactic guides, expanding and exploring your physical life further, leading by example, understanding the universal laws and co-creating the New Earth.

It allows you to expand your perception about consciousness, and life in general, unlocking new energetic languages and states of consciousness like unconditional love, timelessness being, limitless being, telepathic communication, interconnectedness with the micro and macro universe, vibrational alignment understanding, transcendence of duality perception, learning through simulating a certain frequency, and many others.

It allows you to create, build, manifest and attract experiences almost effortlessly, compared with the 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness experience which are more rooted in survival consciousness and separation.

It allows you to deal with challenges that appear in front of you from higher awareness, harmony, integrity and unity for all beings and participants in life.

Here's a little bit about me...

Ever since I was little I knew that there's a greater meaning behind what we are and what we are capable of as humans.

And when I was 25 I had a profound awakening experience, feeling one with the entire creation, with the intelligence of Source consciousness that flows through every shape and form of life, physical and non-physical. The feeling is almost indescribable in words! 

In time, I went throug deep transformational processes that helped me integrate and maintain and cultivate the connection with Source and understand the multidimensional nature of being human.

I shed layers of old identity and conditioning, I healed my childhood wounds and integrated life lessons, rewiring my mind and expanding my awareness in order to create and experience the life I knew is possible for me and embrace evolution as a constant exciting expansion process which we are all taking part in.

Now I am living my dream life and my greatest joy, which is to activate and guide other humans on their evolutionary journey!