What if I told you that when you chose to incarnate in this human life experience, you most probably knew the reasons and intentions for yourself!?

What if I told you that the vibrational and energetical part of you, the intelligent life force energy beyond the physical body, which we call Soul, Spirit Oversoul, Higherself, Source, etc, knows already exactly where you need to be on your evolutionary journey and it always shows you the easiest path to arrive there, helping you to create the life that you are excited to experience.

I am sure you know that YOUR birthright as human is to have access and communicate to that energetical part of yourself, on a daily basis. By default you are supposed to do it, you are a multidimensional being, but because of past experiences, stories your mind tells you, limited beliefs, false identifications and programing, you cannot access it easily, am I right?

Well, it's about time to change this dear one!

I am going to be very direct with you! When you learn how to listen and clear the resistance that comes from the old ways of being and doing, you can activate and access that part of yourself, often instantly. Then, what's left to do from there is to recreate yourself in resonance to your evolutionary blueprint and soul's desires and curiosities, being at service for a better world and simply create the life for yourself that you already know is possible, instead of recycling your life based on old patterns and stories that you might have on autopilot that still keep you repeating experiences and emotions that you no longer want.

You are not these patterns and stories. You probably didn't allowed these to be part of you in the first place, but because you are born in this world, it just happened. But right now it's time to step into your sovereignty fully, it's time to be an intentional creator of your life and rewire your subconscious to serve you in this way and for the best of your evolution!

My offer to you is a complete 1 on 1 quantum evolutionary journey to do exactly this! This journey with me would help you not only to tap into your own Source, receiving guidance and clarity, but to recreate yourself entirely, with advanced yet simple integration, rewiring and calibration tools and techniques that work uniquely for you and would help you embody and bring forth the reality you came here to experience and create for yourself and for the entire collective.

How does it work?

Very simple and fun. We meet weekly for a video call session where we go in depth together based on your intention for yourself and what your current evolutionary journey requires.

In between sessions, there is daily text chat support which will track your progress and help you integrate the session or provide you additional support if needed.

The Journey is minimum 4 weeks, depending on where you are at on your evolution. It is structured based on the following steps, which are the foundation of quantum and intentional evolution.

  1. Awareness. We will gain awareness and clarity on what is happening within you. What is your current evolutionary processes. What are you unbecoming and what are you becoming.
  2. Integration. In these step we integrate and activate the whole of who you are. Your multidimensionality and lessons and experiences that you are still processing. We harmonize and balance your masculine/feminine/inner child/higher self, aligning you with the new version of yourself.
  3. Rewiring. Now is where the fun really begins. In this step, we rewire your subconscious with new habits, thoughts and feelings, for that new version of yourself to be brought into the physical manifestation and embodied.
  4. Calibration. This is the last step and it involves calibrating further to the new version of yourself with techniques and tools that work for you individually. This is where you get to actually practice and embody the new version of you entirely.

Take notice that this is a transformation program that is very in-depth. If this resonates with you deeply, then let's have a Clarity Call to ensure that this journey is a proper fit for you.

If you want to see what people can receive, check the experiences from other clients below and the video testimonials.

Here are some experiences that people have in sessions with me: 

  • Clarity on their next evolutionary step.
  • Activation, alignment and embodiment of Source consciousness.
  • Communication and guidance from higher consciousness (spirit guides).
  • Shadow and Ancestral lineage integration and clearing.
  • End of unconscious karmic cycles and patterns.
  • Multidimensional healing and integration all the way to the cellular level.
  • Harmonization and balance of the masculine and feminine archetypal energies.
  • New DNA strings activations and reprograming.
  • Past life timelines remembrance and integration.
  • Starseed lineage gifts activation (cosmic origins remembrance).
  • 4th and 5th dimension consciousness activation and calibration.
  • Extrasensory perceptions activation.
  • Earth mission and Soul’s unique purpose embodiment.

Everyone receives as much as they are ready and what they are ready for, possibilities are endless, as far as your evolutionary blueprint and DNA is ready for!

Here's a little bit about me

When I was 14, I felt for the first time connection with the entire creation, with the intelligence of Source that flows through every shape and form of life, physical and non-physical. The feeling is almost indescribable in words! 

In time, I went to deep transformational processes that helped me integrate and maintain and cultivate the connection with Source and understand the multidimensional nature of being human.

I shed layers of old identity and conditioning, I healed my childhood wounds and integrated life lessons, rewiring my mind and expanding my awareness in order to create and experience the life I knew is possible for me and embrace evolution as a constant exciting expansion process which we are all taking part in.

Now I am living my dream life and my greatest joy, which is to activate and support others who find themselves on their evolutionary path!

What people say after sessions with me

Sven from Germany - Founder at Mensch sein


Anna from Russia - Former manager Gazprom


Greg from USA - Co-dependency coach


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this journey for and who is this journey NOT for!

The "ReCreate Yourself" journey is for people who have the inner knowing that they came here voluntarily to evolve and live their life of their dreams and assisting others as well to do the same. Leaders, coaches, teachers, game changers and simply people who are ready to embody what they really are and change their world from the inside out.

It is NOT a match for people who are highly comfortable, skeptical and don't find value in investing in themselves and in their own evolution.

What if I cannot decide to be part of this journey?

No worries! Before any investment, there's a Clarity Call where we can explore your situation, get to know each other and see if we are a match for this journey together.

What is the investment for this?

The exchange and investment will be discussed in the Clarity Call. What is important first is to see if you feel resonance and have clarity upon what you want/need and what you are receiving. :)