The Multi-dimensional You!

Embody your Multidimensional Self and master your energy! 5 weeks 1 on 1 program

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Watch this video first to bring you awareness about the Multidimensional You!

The 5 archetypes of the Multidimensional Self and how they function

What is the Multidimensional You!?

We live in times of big evolutionary changes and we have come to realize that what makes us human is not just this special animal that walks on two legs and has survival needs that need to be covered. It's more than being a man or a woman, or a child, or a grown up and any other idea that is simply keeping us in a limited box. We know that we are much more than that.

First and foremost, what makes us human is the ability to be self-aware and expand our awareness very rapidly, especially in these times. We are connected with the intelligence of life which we call Source, God or Spirit. We are capable to attract and create out of nothing when this connection is active within us. Our birthright is to have this connection. My life journey taught me how to embody it, how to be constant in it and live my true potential, therefore I created this program for your to embody all of these, yourself and master your energy!

As explained in the video, The Multidimensional Self is made of 5 main archetypes which are part of the human journey here on Earth.

The 5 Archetypes are:

  • The Shadow Self
  • The Inner Child Self
  • The Masculine Self
  • The Feminine Self
  • The Higher Self

All these aspects are interconnected with one another and when they are activated, integrated and embodied, we master our energy, cultivating our connection with Source and activating our highest timeline. It feels like a quantum jump from old versions of ourselves to a new superhuman version, unlocking extra sensory senses and being fully aware of our potential and desires.

If these archetypes or aspects of ourselves are unbalanced, scattered or disintegrated we will experience uncomfortable feelings and states of mind, like: disconnection, separation, powerlessness, incompleteness, unworthiness, self-doubt, self-sabotage, anxiety, lack, frustration, shame, guilt, control, emotional coldness and so on. You got the point right?

Here are the main benefits of integrating these archetypes, one by one:

  • Shadow integration gives you the ability to have awareness and clarity in your darkness, becoming conscious of the unconscious and what is scattered in your frequency, knowing hot to act and what to do to integrate and maintain your alignment no matter what.
  • Inner child integration gives you the ability to be playful with your environment, to feel alive again, activating and maintaining your curiosity and eagerness about life.
  • Masculine integration gives you the ability to take inspiring action, to build structures and make decisions that are important for your individual and collective evolution.
  • Feminine integration gives you the ability to create intuitively, to live passionately and flow with the changes of life, knowing how to understand your feelings and the feelings of those you interact with.
  • Higher self integration gives you the ability to truly feel your multidimensionality and connection with Source. you will experience timeless living, extra sensory perceptions, starseed wisdom activation and guidance for deliberately creating the life that you came here to experience.

What does my program include and how it works?

Very simple! In this program I will guide and coach you personally for 5 weeks to integrate and balance all of these aspects within you, activating your connection with Source and embodying your Multidimensional Self. It is a program of self-mastery and it will put you on your highest timeline, knowing what you came here on the planet to experience, learn and share with the world! But how does this look like in practice?

The program is made of:

  • 6 private video call sessions with me of 90 minutes each, one every week, in an unconditionally loving container. You can have the recordings after.
  • Powerful guided meditations made for multidimensional healing and shifting at the cellular level. They are uniquely made for every archetype.
  • Unlimited text support support whenever needed throughout the entire program and one week after (chat or email) to track your progress, receive feedback, clarity and guidance.
  • Intuitive channeled Source guidance and structure on your path of embodiment of every archetype.
  • Multidimensional integration and healing practices, cellular level activations and mind and heart rewiring techniques.

The program is structured as following:


Shadow Integration Week. We explore your shadows together in the first week and integrate them. I will assist you throughout the process with guidance, tools and practices to integrate your shadows and unlock its gifts.


Inner Child Week. In the second week we focus on your inner child, activating and integrating it again. We will create practices for you to connect with your inner child based on your individual journey and needs.


Divine Masculine Week. In the third week we dive into the masculine side of you. We see where you are unbalanced here, bringing clarity and balance back. You will learn techniques and practices to activate your powerful masculine energy whenever is needed.


Divine Feminine Week. In this week we will explore the feminine side in you. We put awareness on the unbalanced aspects, bringing them into harmony and balance with practices and tools, allowing your beautiful feminine within you to rise in harmony whenever is needed.


Higher Self Week. In the fifth week we focus on your Higher Self. We learn and apply techniques that clear your energetic system allowing your Higher Self to come into your body, unlocking your highest potential and stepping into your creator power.


Bonus week. In the sixth week we will review the entire process, creating structure for any integration left and for the embodiment of your new Multidimensional Self.

*NOTE: Because all archetypes are interconnected with one another, the program's structure is slightly flexible and might change based on your progress and focus needed for a specific archetype.

Are you ready to embody your Multidimensional Self?

Your Instructor

Alex Buta
Alex Buta

Alex had a profound awakening and inner transformation in 2013 that completely changed his life.

SInce then, he intuitively channeled Source Consciousness, receiving guidance constantly, experiencing the human potential, learning life lessons and guiding other people on their life journeys, activating their own inner knowing, potential and life purpose.

What people I guided say:

"When Alex launched his Integration Program, I resonated with it on a deep unconscious level. During the 6 sessions, I had with him, my whole life shifted from deep confusion to clarity, embodying my truth and being aware of what my shadow is and how it manifests. When I learned to integrate it and speak my truth, everything in my life has shifted to magical manifestations. But most of all I feel and believe how powerful I am."

- Therese Lyander, Co-Founder @ CoCreators of the New Earth

"My fellow alchemist Alex is a sincere guide in the world of archetypes. Shadow integration can be a weird experience and it certainly helps to have someone with experience throw some light your way. I could say much more but instead I recommend you try connecting with him yourself."

- Jovan Mikonjic, Future Father and Manifestor

"After our session the other day about aligning to highest vibration while doing shadow work, I have been practicing with embodying the energy of my dream life in 1 year…

Just 1 week ago I started visualizing the house that I would manifest for me and my partner and IT ALREADY WORKED. We literally just moved into a house that is ENOURMOUS with the private pool I was focusing on and for barely any increase in rent!!!!

Super amazing. I was focusing on this move to happen in a year but it happened in a WEEK. "

- Mary McGilvray, Founder @ Satyaa Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for me?
This program is for everyone who embraces their evolutionary journey, no matter what stages they are at. What does that mean? Well, if you want to be liberated from old paradigms, old concepts, and stories and establish your connection with Source and be the creator of your own life, than this program is definitely for you!
What's my experience?
I help people from all corners of the world with their integration, transformation and awakening processes, reminding them of who they are and came here to do for the last 7 years. I never had an unhappy client and many of them had incredible life-changing results after just one session. The sessions are usually very powerful and impactful, that's why one every week is enough.
What if I am not sure about what I want?
That's the purpose of the Clarity Call. To find out if we can do this and all other details before you book anything. Just schedule a call and we would find out what you want and if you are ready for this.
How did you learned to do this?
My life experiences taught me. And when I say experiences I mean all lifetimes together on this planet and beyond. In 2013 I had a sudden and profound awakening experience that made me remember that Source/God or Spirit is within me and I am part of everything. This made me transform completely who I thought I was. I experienced both polarities (dark & light) to the extremes. These transformational processes lasted for years and the gifts I gained from these were incredible. From extrasensory perceptions activations, like healing abilities, telepathy, intuitive channeling of Source energy, clairvoyance and clairsentience to shadow and darkness integration methods. I believe that personal experience always comes first and we like to learn from those who walk the walk. I did and I am the embodiment of everything I teach, coach and share so it is an honor to help you remember as well!
Exchange costs and Money back guarantee policy!
A Clarity Call is necessary to determine if we can work together. The Clarity Call is for free but the program requires monetary investment (discussed in the Clarity Call) or an equivalent value as an exchange. If after the first session you are not satisfied with what you are getting, you will get a full refund!

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