Welcome, dear visionary and creator

This can be your long-awaited journey into more alignment, clarity and power!

Here's what Integrity is and offers you:

"Integrity' is a 1 on 1 integration and ascension mentorship. This mentorship will take you on a journey of deep and high in order to integrate and master the dark and light within you, This will make you be in charge of your energy, of your creations, visions and manifestations from a place of alignment clarity, and integrity.

The mentorship is ideal for intentional creators, wayshowers, visionaires and leaders of the new Earth paradigm to align with their highest timeline and bring effortlessly their creations and visions on the planet. Here's how it looks like: 

In the first phase of the mentorship, we will evaluate together your subconscious and safely navigate it in order to integrate, rewire and release (depending on the case) any split consciousness parts, stuck memories, unwanted repeating cycles and old patterns that don’t serve anymore your evolution, alignment and integrity.

In the second phase of the mentorship we focus on harmonizing and mastering the dark and light within you and elevate your consciousness with Source channeled guidance and technologies channeled in our sessions from the 9D Arcturian Council. You will learn here to be in charge of your own energy and output, bringing your creations, visions and intentions into the world effortlessly, from alignment, clarity, integrity and most importantly, from excitement!

What you can experience during and after our journey together:

More or even all of these can be experienced during and after our journey together. Depending on what your Soul is ready to receive, integrate and embody at this time:

A new liberated, abundant and sovereign sense of Self.

Source alignment, clarity and higher guidance.

Be more in charge of your vibration, energy and creations.

Harmony and peace within you (dark-light dynamics).

Easily understand and be able to alchemize your energy.

5D senses and abilitlies (clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.)

Effortless quantum shifting through timelines and realities.

✔ Attracting divine connections and relationships.

Attracting your tribe of beings and souls to co-create with.

Activating and integrating your multidimensionality.

Understanding the Laws of the Universe and Earth.

Being at service from a place of integrity and alignment.

This is what you receive in more detail:

Minimum 1 month of private mentorship, support and guidance, which includes the following:

✔ Weekly private video call meetings with me of approximately 60-70 minutes/per meeting. These sessions will also be recorded and sent to you!

✔ 24/7 available WhatsApp support during the journey if required. This serves for further integration and assimilation of every session and process. 

✔ Abundance of tools and technologies, that will uniquely fit you and your integration/ascension journey.

✔ WhatsApp support for another 1 month for further integration, support and to track your progress. 

✔ Flexibility based on your situation and needs. The time and structure of the mentorship will be established based on your own individual needs and requirements. However, 1 month minimum is requied to start with.

READY TO RECEIVE? Then I look forward to get to know you! Click the button below to apply and have a talk!