You have been born in a world where freedom, pure love and truth are merely idealized concepts, of course it was confusing to live here at times. Of course it can feel disconnected, of course you get tired.

Yet that constantly burning fire in your heart has been telling you all your life that there are great things here for you. There are different realities. Not wrong or right, but simply different.
There are great things to build, to create, to participate in, to express, to experience.
You know it, you have felt it all your life and now it has become so stable within you that nothing and no one can shake it!
You are collapsing old realities, creating and building new worlds just by being yourself. That's how powerful you are!
Any other extra effort and intention for making this world a better place is a gift and an offering that the world is grateful for.
In your DNA, there are memories of journeys through constelations and galaxies. You are the definition of unity consciousness embodied. Walk in trust and let it all be revealed to you!
With love
Alex B.
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