Imagine that the oversoul is like a bunch of grapes. From that bunch of grapes, every single piece of grape is a soul and it is part of the oversoul.

All of them have their unique energetic signature, missions, and experiences. This is the ultimate experience of what we call "soulmates". However, some of these souls that we meet throughout our lifetime, are not necessarily part of our oversoul, but just karmic contracts, wounding bounds dynamics, pattern matching dynamics and/or simply matching frequencies through the law of attraction. The only way to know the difference if someone is your soulmate or not is through the heart. Usually, with an oversoul member, there's a strong feeling of familiarity, home, comfort and unconditional love that radiates from the heart. You just feel it and know it intuitively!

Everything that the souls which are part of an oversoul are experiencing in their unique lifetimes, is stored in the collective memory of the entire oversoul. Whatever one soul experiences throughout space and time, in all of its Galactic incarnations in all constellations and Earth lifetimes, is part of the whole collective wisdom of the oversoul.

What’s very beautiful about this is that every single individual that is part of an oversoul has access directly to that collective wisdom through the quantum when they operate from the 5th dimension of consciousness, learning from each other’s experiences, even if they are not in contact or they are not even incarnated on the same planet. What one soul experiences, another one can access and integrate it as its own lesson in incredibly fast ways.

Some souls remain in the etheric realm, often guiding those who are incarnated. These etheric souls are what we call spirit guides, versions of our higher selves, or our galactic star family. The more we operate through Source, from a higher state of consciousness, outside of distortions and separation frequencies, the easier it is to feel and access this.

If you feel the calling, I can help you with this. Contact me directly!

With love,
Alex Buta