We have this belief that living in 5D would free you from the denseness of 3D human experience.

No, it wouldn't. You see, all dimensions are interlaped, and dependent on one another.

I've been told by my Arcturian guides that we are one of the first civilizations in our Galaxy, who would be able to fully operate in the denseness of the 3D physical body, from a higher consciousness awareness (5th, 6th and even beyond).

That's because our bodies have the engineering required to do this. Our bodies are extremely intelligently programmed. Our DNA has this code embedded,

So shifting from 3rd to the 4th and 5th and even beyond is gonna be so smooth in the future that you won't even notice the transition.

Your body and mind wouldn't tell a difference because your consciousness is in essence multidimensional and would not be affected by separative thinking when your multidimensionality is integrated.

There's no hierarchy in dimensions from the universal perspective, although the human mind likes to differentiate. It's all intertwined and overlapped.

The only thing that ever makes a difference is perception and belief, therefore limited mind constructs.

Once that is dissolved and we are able to maintain our minds always open and in wonder, we would be able to operate in 3D from a 5D consciousness awareness effortlessly.

This means that even in the denser environment on this planet, the denser city or collective consciousness of an entire country, you would still be able to have access to higher frequency and live life on your own terms if that's your choice.

This is what we would esperince more of as our world is radically shifting as we speak.