To fully embody the 5D we need to understand, fully activate and harmonize our 5D body.

The 5D body is made of 5 layers, here they are:

  • The Physical Layer
  • The Emotional layer (Feminine)
  • The Mental Layer (Masculine)
  • The Subconscious Layer (The Unknown Self)
  • The Conscious Layer (Higher Self)

These 5 layers of the body work in symbiosis with one another and if not integrated and understood, we perceive separation and often strong contrast within us, which is mostly how we perceived life from a 3D consciousness point of view so far.

When these layers are integrated, balanced, harmonized and upgraded for the current evolution, the 5D Body would be activated and we would be ready to permanently experience and embody the 5D consciousness and step fully into the potential of what it means to be human.

In the video below, I am diving into details and explain these layers! Enjoy!