I received a vision a few days ago from the Arcturian Group about what's happening around this date, on a collective consciousness level and I want to share it with you.

First of all, remember the year 2012 and the great awakening back then?

From 2012 to 2020 was a period of cocooning that created huge transformations, healings and new timelines for the Earth.

Now, at the end of 2020 a new phase of this great awakening is starting. A phase of integration and embodiment. Time to wear our wings!
I've been shown that the 5D consciousness would be permanently integrated and active into the collective grid.

What that means is that those of us who are in synced with their evolutionary journey, who did most of the vibrational work, would be able to tap into the 5D consciousness field permanently without droping frequency and be in the up and down wavelength anymore.

And those who are still in deep healing and awakening processes, things will shift tremendously as well. There will be clarity of what is real and what is not, therefore decisions and choices would be easier to make. We wouldn't be sitting in the "eternal" confusion anymore, in asking ourselves "what is happening to me and why".
Everything becomes so much more transparent and clear on all levels, realizing that the true language that exists, is frequency.

The veil will be so thin, that we would be able to see and feel through everything that is not adding to our well-being and evolution, or siphons our consciousness and takes us away from sovereignty and alignment with our divinity.

We will have discernment from truth and illusion like never before, and we will build ourselves and the world with clear intention and determination.
Also, many of us would function more with the awareness of the collective mind, instead of the usual personal awareness. We will be operating more from unity consciousness, which includes all beings in existence.

This change would affect every being at the DNA level, however, awareness doesn't always come right away, depending on where everyone is on their evolutionary journeys.

And of course, there would be those that resist this change energetically, because the old programming is so embedded in their consciousness that they cannot perceive change as an option. Many of these souls would change in time or simply leave the Earth's collective consciousness for another experience that matches their evolutionary paths.

Exciting times ahead! Love you all!