Yes, I know, all of these new age spiritual terms right? But let's get real here. Our universe is made on dimensions and frequencies therefore what I am about to write is not spiritual fiction, it's fact, and it is a big one!

We all know about the 5th dimension and the state of being that is available when we tune into that frequency. Many of us already experienced it. Timelessness being, unconditional love, no fear, no worries, no drama, no struggles, blissful states, true abundance, sovereignty, peace and harmony.
Well, I got the message last night that the 5D timeline is fully anchored into our collective grid. I saw it happening and being active. What does it mean? It means that now we can experience a 5th dimensional state of being constantly if we choose too. It is here, it is available, for good!
Until now it was on and off, it was still stabilizing and we needed to experience enough contrasts in order to realize what we actually want and entirely choose it. This is how it got anchored. We needed to fully choose it. When enough contrast was experienced, we switched our focus and through our intentions, meditations and deeper knowing within us that this is possible, we accelerated the process.
The current world situation played a tremendous role in this. We must be thankful for it. It forced us to face our shadows, we experienced so much contrast of fear, extinction and death in the last few months that we actually know what we want now and where we want to be, like never before. This is huge!
The entire old systems of functioning also got exposed because we had time to reflect, time to silence the mind and take a break from our daily 3rd dimensional routines. This made us know what we actually want. And when we know what we want, it has no choice but to appear, it has no choice but to manifest. It is law.
So collectively we did it, we activated and anchored the 5D and it can be experienced constantly. Just align with that state and feel it. Set your intention to live there and see how life aligns with your desires. The New Earth is here.
There will be times of integration and transitioning from the old to the new. Many of us would know our role in this, what our mission and special gifts are. Patience and trust are key with this process until the whole world crosses the bridge.
There might be expressions of contrast in forms of natural calamities and resistance to change behaviors both from simple individuals to forms of authority that apparently hold in their hands the decision and "power" of millions who are following them blindly. If this happens, know that it is inevitable and part of the change.
Trust your inner knowing in this. Follow your genuine guidance within you. We came here for this fam, this story was played out before, we know this. Remember?