If you are not thriving already, do you want to know why is that still your reality?

It's because subconsciously, although you want to thrive, there are underlying believes and patterns that keep you in survival mode or you allow to much the external world to shape your life and destiny. They keep your fears activated and makes you attach to plan B's or C's, therefore showing Source or the universe that you are not worthy enough for what you truly desire to create and experience.
How can you allow the universe to deliver your ideal timeline, to activate your vision and passion when you keep seeing yourself from that perspective fam?
In order to thrive, to live boldly, to own your expression, your power and your energy you have to be committed enough, to say yes, regarding the fear, regarding the stories that you keep telling yourself. I know that there's a process but you decide as well how long that process will be. You decide when you are ready!
It doesn't mean you have to be fearless or perfect to be ready, it just means that you love yourself enough. It means that what you are and what you do is important, it means that you are ready to acknowledge your power, which will overthrone any other parasitical beliefs and energies that keeps you small and disempowered.
Are you ready for yourself? Are you ready to live with passion? Are you ready for your potential and vision?