Meggan and I have met on an island and we felt curiosity and an energetic pull towards one another. It didn't felt karmic, it felt empowering and guided, so we explored the connection.

After magic moments and synchronicities all the way, we ended up being on the same boat on the way back to Bali, feeling guided to explore the real depths of our connection.

I would never forget the intensity of the moment on that boat. Time stopped and we started to dive deep into the collective masculine's and feminine's darkness and light, in full presence, awareness and honor of each other. We saw there the atrocities of men throughout time, and as well those of the women. We saw there the separation perception generated by the unripe mind of the human collective back in the days. We saw innocence in our destructive behaviors, and felt love and forgiveness towards every form of battle and separation that we have been witnessing throughout generations, between these two inseparable forces that lie within us and shape our realities.

It felt like we have activated possible timelines for ourselves and the entire collective. Timelines of union and harmony between the masculine and feminine within and without, timelines of integration and liberation from the burden of guilt that the masculine feels towards the feminine and vice versa. Timelines free of limited concepts and complete freedom and purpose oriented connections.

So grateful for this experience. It feels like a veil has been lifted collectively! It feels like we are ready for the union within and without.
P. S: We wanted to see dolphins joining us and guess what, a few minutes later, a large group of approximately 30 dolphins started jumping next to the boat, celebrating the moment with us!