I was in a meditation a few months back and what came into my mind's eye was a scene with me on a hill, motivating and guiding people to war. It felt like I was a king.

Based on my intuition, the scene was around the 15th century. The clothing style indicates that as well. The next thing that came into my memory was cutting people cold blooded with a sword.

I didn't felt any guilt, on the contrary, I felt that it was necessary at that time.
3 weeks ago I felt that inner warrior shadow again. But this time in the actual now moment. I remember how much guilt, pain and how I literally felt like a murderer.

I was dancing around the fire at an ecstatic dance party here in Ubud at that time. So I started to dance with those energies with my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes, another 7-8 men were dancing next to me in the same way, indicating that we all felt the same.

These shadows of the past we heal collectively. Our ancestors need to be seen and forgiven before we move on. Our shadows need awareness and integration.

1 week after, a client contacted me with the same story. Needing to do his warrior shadow integration. Amazing how the universe functions. Amazing how we all transmute our shadows in chain reaction and how once we see them, they transform into gifts, guiding others on their paths.

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I want to do a photoshoot. The theme was the inner warrior. Now I have a proper picture to share with you the story and hopefully inspire you to love your darkness, because how can we love unconditionally, how can we be whole, if we don't do it?