So here it goes, diving into my greatest fear ever: Public speaking.

3 days ago I was in a coffee place when "accidentally" I bumbed into Ryan, telling him about how my intentions for this year is to stop playing small and dive into all fears that I have.

Next thing I know is that he invited me to be part of the team at @toastmastersinternational, which creates events all around the world focused exclusively on public speaking. So thankful he did that! 🙏🏻 Was I terrifyied, hell yeah, did it stop me? Hell no. I did it, I challenged myself to the core and with this one I stepped on the journey of public speaking.

Why I do this? Because I feel that the message I have to share with the world cannot wait any longer. Because I "signed up" for impacting and helping as many humans as I can in my current lifetime.

I waited for this long... until the fear of being the old version of me and playing small was greater than my fear of actually showing up on a stage in public. And this is just the beginning.

What's your greatest fear friends? Are you ready to dive into it?