The next leap in the human evolution is the recognition that we are multidimensional beings. That means that there are more aspects of the Self and it exists simultaneously in different realms of existence, or dimensions. When we incarnate as human beings on this planet, we automatically commit to experience life in a denser realm, the physical dimension. In this dimension we call ourselves humans.

But what human actually means? Clearly, nowadays, the definition of what being human means is constantly expanding and changing. We constantly become more of who we are while experiencing ourselves and the environment around us.

My journey has thought me that we are nothing and everyhting at the same time. What makes us humans is our amazing ability to be self-aware. What makes us humans is braking our boundaries, constantly exploring and evolving in so many directions, as our imagination allows us.

However, we are very good at thinking and in theory we understand everything right? But how does this look in practice? What exactly needs to be addressed in order to realize our vastness nature and fully embody it? My answer is: INTEGRATION.

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