Yesterday I was taking part in a photoshoot with the theme of "The Warrior". When the photoshoot was over a shadow of killer or murderer and a lot of guilt started to arise in me.

I went to a dance party and I literally danced with that shadow aspect which felt like it represents the collective warrior masculine archetype which killed and injured many, physically and emotionally throughout the history.
Being a warrior is not necessarily something bad, we can be peaceful warriors as well, but the feelings I had inside my body were way beyond my current human experience.

And months ago I received some incredible insights from a past life of mine where I was supposedly fighting in a war with swords. I will dive into this into another post when the photos from the photoshoot are ready.
So what did I did with the feelings? Well I allowed them to be present in me and I applied forgiveness, compassion and love on them without any resistance.

Whatever we feel and integrate and transmute inside of us, is for the greater benefit of all. If you remove your personal story from the equation, it is easy to see how we are at service for the transformation and evolution of our civilization. That in itself is so beautiful and it is actually our greatest power to cleanse the collective and bring forth the timeline that we all want to experience.